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(May 2015 Portfolio Update) : $AMGN, $TSLA trades expired in the money. A Credit Spread is where an investor receive a net credit for entering a position, in our case, it’s $AMGN and $TSLA. In this Actual Trade Example, we are going to show you how to squeeze all the profits out of the trade and let the spread expire worthless. In option traders terms, Credit Spreads are positive Theta, that means even if the...


(June 11th 2015) Gold Futures ETF, GLD retesting support at 1200 levels and holding at the edge. This is the 5th time GLD is retesting the support. If this breaks, expect GLD to chop lower. As Implied Volatility Rank is at the low side, 17% over 52 weeks average, Look to establish a Long Put Vertical at 115.5/117   

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