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Dear Trader, You are receding the final issue of the final year before livetradr.com begins celebrating a profitable 2016. Our newsletter and traders support comes at a time of great discussion about increasing the odds of your success, better entry and exits and the business of trading. Coming to an end in 2016 provides us an apt time to refocus how we at livetradr.com can better serve you, our traders. With that in mind, we...


If you have seen the movie The Big Short, its about a few traders who spotted a potential crash in the housing market back in 2006. To capitalize on the fragile subprime mortgage loans they saw in banks, real estate and mortgages, they used Put Options to take and educated and calculated risk that the entire financial system was going to implode. They were right.. Michael Burry, made $700 million for his investors. Andres Lahde...

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Options Trading wasn’t designed to be simple. And you know why. There is more money to be made when you have to hire experts to tell you what to do. Live Tradr.com creates the best trading signals for Equity Options with our proprietary High Probability Trading System.


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