3 Com stock Earnings Play


July 22nd 2015 Earnings Play Trade Alert

Trend: Sideways, Earnings Play

Possible trading strategy: Iron Condor

Strike Prices: 45/49, 60/65

Return on investment: 57%

Probability Out of The Money: 71%

Duration of Option Contract: 30 days

Full Premium Credit collected: $1.83

Debit risk: $3.17


The stock is undergoing high IV due to earnings results in the next few days. It has climbed above $50 and since acted as support line for the last two earnings results. The iron condor strategy is used to hedge the downside movement as well as upside movement. Based on how illiquid the stock is, the listed options contracts are the only ones available for iron condor.

3 Com stock Earnings Play

ITM Probability

Premium Collection

Return on Investment

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