3 Resolutions for 2017

Dear Trader,

You are receding the final issue of the final year before begins celebrating a profitable 2016.

Our newsletter and traders support comes at a time of great discussion about increasing the odds of your success, better entry and exits and the business of trading.

Coming to an end in 2016 provides us an apt time to refocus how we at can better serve you, our traders.

With that in mind, we would like to make 3 resolutions for 2017

Resolution #1
Since has always adopt an actionable approach to trading , we are going to hold ourselves to that credo. That said, you will see us develop better ways to package trade opportunities, convey tradable patterns, and redouble our determination to bring you in-depth reporting. In other words, you will be getting even more out of your members subscription.

Resolution #2

A lot of what we do involves calling it like we see it. We believe in delivering immediate, actionable trade alerts that our traders would otherwise spend hours scanning for patterns. in 2017, we are going to be more aggressively seeking back-tested high probability patterns.

Resolution #3
To stay true to what we do, helping our traders becoming more profitable, these values stayed consistent over the years. As such, we will be providing you with more educational materials and traders support staying true to who we were and are as we enter 2017.




Wishing you a profitable 2017!


The LiveTradr Team




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