1. ) What is the ideal account size for a beginner?

Our LiveTradr Strategy is ideal for accounts between $500 to $500,000. Although we have hedge funds following our trades with fund size upward of $10mil., traders are recommended to start with an account size you are comfortable with.

Our best Live Tradrs typically profit upward of $50,000 to $100,000 with small accounts and tight risk management.

2.) Aren’t Forex Risky?

All our trade signals contain tight risk management. We always use stop losses to protect our capital. Our risk for each is typically 5-10% with a profit potential of 2 times the risk. Trading like any other businesses, is a business.  Our risk and reward is always higher with the risk we are taking for every trade. Live Tradr Pro will also send real time updates for existing trades to minimize risk or lock in profits.

3.) Aren’t Options Risky?

According to CME Group, most options, about 60% call options an astounding 94% of put options expired worthless. The market is undoubtedly dominated by big players and professionals. Therefore, most of our option trading strategies involve selling instead of buying options with a high probability of success. In other words, all our trading signals have a minimum risk and maximum profit potential.

4.) Can I use a Demo Account to trade LiveTradr Pro?

Yes, demo accounts are available across various trading platform and brokers. Once you have mastered the basics, you can apply what you have learned and trade your live account. To get a suggestion from our LiveTradr Team, drop us an email at support@livestockmag.com and our account managers will be more than happy to recommend you the broker that suit you best.

5.) How do I make a Deposit?

We do not facilitate deposit taking or represent any brokers in particular. Traders are supposed to deal directly with the broker of your choice. We highly recommend CFTC or FSC Regulated Brokers to ensure the safety of your funds.

6.) Do I need trading knowledge or experience to profit from Live Tradr’s signals?

Although prior experience in trading can be advantageous, most of our Live Tradrs start with little or no prior trading experience. Our signals and advice is simple and straightforward enough for anyone to follow. The most crucial part will be your discipline to stick to the risk management for your portfolio.

In our experience, most traders do not lose money because of trading too little. In fact, most traders lost money by not following the risk management guideline resulting in margin calls or sudden capital drawdown due to over trading.

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Options Trading wasn’t designed to be simple. And you know why. There is more money to be made when you have to hire experts to tell you what to do. Live Tradr.com creates the best trading signals for Equity Options with our proprietary High Probability Trading System.


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