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Dave Rhodes, Seattle, United States

Probably the best strategy/service for growing accounts that i have used in the past. I was tired of trying various Forex Robots or Forex guru systems that didn’t work. With LT Fx Pro, I only need to spend 1 hour per day managing my trades and positions. More importantly, I can detach myself emotionally most of the time trading the LT Fx Pro signals. Keep it up LT!

Ed Castillo, Miami, Professional Options Trader

I strongly agree most option buyers lose money due to lack of understanding of the options markets. I used to spend hours and hours analyzing the markets but with no results.

So, I subscribed to LT Options Pro to test out their system. I was amazed by the in-dept analysis of LT team of professionals. With the attention to detail for every trade by LT, the route to trading success is clear. Big Thumbs Up!

Brett Friedman, Minnesota

The Live Tradr Pro is so wasy to follow that it grew my initial account of $2,500 to more than $30,000 in 3 months! I’m now a full time trader making consistent income with this simple no-nonsense trading system.

When I first came across the Live Tradr Pro, I was skeptical of the strategy. As a stock trader who lost tons of money during the financial crisis in 2008, I did not know options can be such a great investment tool with a tight risk control. Live Tradr has put option trading in such a straigh-forward way that anyone with or without trading knowledge can profit instantly from it. With the system, I’ve gained close to $80k in 6 months now!

I started a month ago and so far I have about $3000 in profits. More importantly, Live Tradr has helped me look at trading from a different angle, Live Tradr rocks!!


Steve Hernandez, Chicago

LiveTradr, your team support is Awesome! Thanks to all the team members from LiveTradr especially David who guided me all this while to improve my trading results.

R.T. Welch , Sydney , Australia

The Live Tradr Options Pro is great! As an accountant, I had no knowledge in trading the markets much less trading options. Not many people know that you can actually collect a consistent income by selling premiums in the options market. To date, I’m delighted to see profits coming into my bank account monthly. Thanks LiveTradr!

Simon Chang, Singapore

I started a month ago and so far I have about $3000 in profits. More importantly, Live Tradr has helped me look at trading from a different angle, Live Tradr is for real!!!

Anne Yu, Hong Kong

As a housewife, I always wanted to supplement my husband’s income with the sky-high standard of living in Hong Kong.

One day, I subscribed to LiveTradr Options and FX Pro and was quite nervous when I started. So, I followed all LT’s signals on a Virtual account for 4 months and to my surprise , the profits were impressive so I decided to switch it to a real account. I’m very pleased with the consistent results so far and would recommmend to anyone with no trading knowledge!

Lloyd Patterson, Full Time-LiveTradr , Chicago

I can say LiveTradr has changed my life since my friend Luke recommended me to try it out. From unemployed banker to a fully self-employed professional trader, Live Tradr’s revolutionary system has helped me generate consistent income from trading the FX and Options market. I strongly recommend LT to anyone who is considering trading as a career.