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Trading is a performance Sport. I’ve coached thousands of traders since the early 2010s. Some of the biggest traders I know know me through my books and I knew them through their work on a major financial market’s website, followed by some great books. I recently wrote a book Wall Street Secrets and a New article How to Think like a Billionaire. It was one of my money managers friends which fund invests mainly in...


The Next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk won’t invent a Social Media or Electric Car.  As part of the LiveTradr team we’ve talked to a few billionaires. We have done a thousand hours or more of research on them. There are many aspects of what it takes to be a billionaire. There are many things we can learn from. Here’s one:   Billionaires can SEE and CREATE the NEAR FUTURE We hate to use term...

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Options Trading wasn’t designed to be simple. And you know why. There is more money to be made when you have to hire experts to tell you what to do. Live Tradr.com creates the best trading signals for Equity Options with our proprietary High Probability Trading System.


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