‘Did you know majority of the 100 Wealthiest people link their wealth directly to finance ‘ Traders, Millions by the Minute, BBC Documentary.

Live Tradr’s objective is to turn ordinary person of every walk of life into full time professional traders with our structured professional training courses plus daily support in trading the financial markets.

 Trading as a Career

LiveTradr’s global standard in mentoring beginners produces the top notch professional traders around the world. Contact us to enquire about the next professional trading programs by emailing support@livestockmag.com

Graduate Trader Program

Students from all over the world can access the hands-on training LiveTradr provides. Our programs are one of the most intensive career training programs to prepare recent graduates the necessary skills to embark on the trading or banking journey.

Intensive LiveTradr Program

We seek to invite all aspiring traders to join our 1 month program where you will trade a virtual account with $100,000. Once you are ready after a month’s of part-time trading activities, our managers will review your track records and decide whether or not you are ready to be a LiveTradr.

About Us

Options Trading wasn’t designed to be simple. And you know why. There is more money to be made when you have to hire experts to tell you what to do. Live Tradr.com creates the best trading signals for Equity Options with our proprietary High Probability Trading System.


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